Sunday, December 19, 2010

Logitech Revue with Google TV - Kevin Bacon

Everyone has probably seen this commercial at least once or twice... But I just saw it and total fell in love with this commercial.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas

Everyone keeps on asking me what I want for Christmas... THIS IS WHAT I WANT

I HATE LIB 1010!!!

So, I freaking offically HATE a class that I'm currently taking. It's called LIB 1010 and it is a useless piece of crap that nobody needs to know. It's time consuming and SHOULD NOT BE REQUIRED!!!

Why do I hate LIB 1010? Well, besides having it be time consuming, it is the most dumbest, stupidest class ever, I also totally failed the first time. So, the second time I didn't pay close attention that I should have to the stupid course, but I thought that I had actually did good this time and that I wouldn't need to do it again. OBVIOUSLY NOT!! I got a 44% on my test and I needed to have at least an 80% to pass. I'm not proud of my score or the fact that I failed a second time so I decided to go with the second option which was fill out a review worksheet turn it in again and then retake the final.

That didn't work either.

While doing the second option you have to set up an appointment for a review study class to be thrown in the room with others who failed just like you. I did everything I needed to do. I filled out the review worksheet, I set up an appointment and was ready to be finally done with the stupid class. Well, as smart as I am with remembering things, I thought the class didn't start until 10:30 when it actually started at 10. I walked in late and sat in the back and noticed that everyone was packing up and leaving. The teacher didn't waste any time, points a finger at me and says these exact same words, "You are very late, we finished the class so you need to reschedule some other time. I'm not going through this powerpoint agian."


First of all, when scheduling for the stupid study class it says right on the information that the class take about 1.5 to 2 hours to be in. THEY LIED!! Second, if it takes only a half an hour, why don't they changed the time? Third, the lady didn't need to be so freaking rude in front of everyone, she could have been polite and taken me to the side. Fourth, I hate this class with a burning passion!

I would have been fine to reschedule if I could, but the next class is at 4, I work at 5 and I don't know if that rude lady will be teaching it again or if it will be someone else plus I don't know if every class varies with time depending on the instructor. So if I go back at 4 I'll be playing with fire hoping that I wont be late for work. Now I don't know what to do. But I do know that LIB 1010 should burn in hell and never be invented ever again.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Free Night in Vegas!

When I bought my truck back in April I had the choice of either shooting a basketbal from the free throw line for a hundred dollars or choosing a coupon of a free night, a free prime rib dinner, and a free adult beverage. I can't shoot, so I chose the coupon. Cash and I used the free night and dinner coupon we didn't need the free beverage since neither one of us drinks, plus I'm not old enough anyways.

So we reached Vegas Tuesday did some shopping and checked into the room, which was actually very nice, it was recently remodeled with all modernized rooms and the restraunt was really good too. After we relaxed for a bit we drove down the strip and passed by The Pawn Shop that is aired on the History Channel. I kind of wanted to go in, but we didn't have time, I will meet Chumlee sometime in the near future though.

Cash with his aligator.

We went to the Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay which was pretty awesome. Cash has been to the Shark Reef before, but I haven't so I made the executive decision that he would have to go again. While in the reef we walked through and saw some really cool animals.

I wish I thought hard enough to get a picture of me whle we were in the sting ray area with the Jelly Fish and the Giant Octopus they gave you the opportunity to touch a sting ray. Cash didn't want to do it so I went ahead and put my finger on it. I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous hoping nothing would go wrong and I'd lose my finger. It felt like that dark slippery mud near the edge of the river or lake that you somehow stepped into and it just feels really weird.

I touched that thing!!

After the Shark Reef we both got a bit tired since Vegas is an hour behind us, by the time we got back to the room it was about 10 Utah time. Yeah, I know, that doesn't seem very late, but I think traveling wore both us out pretty good.

So the next day we were hungry but wanted to try a buffet. Well, the one we wanted to go to was the Saharra Buffet, yeah, it closed down for good about a year and a half ago. So we just decided to go back to the mall and then hit the Coke and M&M store and then grab mine and Ellen's (Cash's mom) cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. Which was tasty bytheway!

Just trying to get into the parking lot for the Cheesecake Factory was a challenge since it's in Ceasar's Palace. First of all, they don't really make it clear on to where you're supposed to turn, two we missed the turn, not once, not twice, but actually three times!! Cash was getting so fed up he just wanted to go home, but I was determined to get our to die for cheesecake!! FINALLY, we got what we needed and then we left for the travel home. YAY!

Oh, and P.S. sorry it's a long post.

Madre's Day of Birth

It's been forever since I've last updated, I'm sorry. I've been busy working and school. Well more like just school, I still work. But not very many hours and on the weekends too.

Anyways, on October 26th it was my mom's birthday. I guess I shouldn't say how old she was, but I'll post a picture of her cake. She didn't want any number giving her age away. So, I decided to put every number we had on her cake and funny enough we did some math and it actually came to one number off of her real age.

Can you do the math too?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Concert Time!

On Tuesday I drove up to Orem to hang out with my best friend Miriam for the day and go to a concert put on by Utah Valley University Student Association. We went shopping and I bought a pair of red Converses that I have fallen in love with and would like to get a couple more pairs in different colors.

After we went shopping we got ready for our Auburn, IYAZ, B.o.B. , and Jason Derulo, which was AWESOME!! We had so much fun and lost our voices from singing and screaming all night.

It's not the best but it's the only picture I have of the both of us that night because after that my camera died because I'm so smart and forgot to charge my battery before we came. After the concert we just went back to Miriam's dorm hung out with her roommates until about 1 and then crashed like there was no tomorrow. Too bad we had to get up early because Miriam had a math class at 9 and I had to hang out in the library for two hours while she took two tests. Don't get me wrong, the library is beautiful and huge, but it's not the best place to be when you're still half asleep. After her class we went to lunch at Winger's since it's tradition. Then I had to get on the road and drive to Cash's house for dinner, which was pretty good by the way Libby.

St. George Marathon

So this is a bit overdue but I just wanted to share with you guys the adventure of watching my Grandpa Erickson run the St. George Marathon. Yes that's right, my GRANDPA ran the marathon, plus this year was his 18th year running. He has actually inspired me to start training so that I could run with him next year before he retires. Guess that means I'll have to start running and training. Oh and the joy of dieting too. Goodbye tasty sugar and sweets that I love. Anyways here are a couple of pictures of the marathon.

There he is at the very end of his run. He did it in a really good time too 4 hours and 33 minutes WITH a hurt knee and not the proper training he needed because of his knee. I'm really proud to say he's my grandfather. I love you grandpa. (Even though you probably wont read this)

There he is after we found him in the HUGE crowd of people. It smelled like sweat and BO it was gross, obviously. After we found him we all went back to the house to relax, play a couple games of SCUM and watched a movie too. Overall, it was really fun and awesome to have family down to spend time with that I haven't seen in almost a year. Maybe I'll try to convince them to move down here so we all can be together.

Friday, September 24, 2010

If guys were like girls...

So I thought this was pretty hilarious. Hope y'all enjoy it too.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Road Trip 2010

So most of you all know that Cash and I took a road trip to Moab, UT. Well I pretty much wanted to sum it up with a cool nifty slideshow with music, but I'm still a bit new and I have NO IDEA how create one. So if anyone wants to help me figure out how to make one it'd be deeply appreciated. It's a bit long, sorry.

Day One: We left Kanarraville and drove to Torrey, UT. passing through Panguitch, Boulder (which is beautiful by the way), made a pit stop and hiked the Lower Calf Creek, and reached Torrey just in time to set up camp and make dinner.

Funny story, we went to the KOA that Libby had recommended for us to stay at but when we arrived the KOA was full. We couldn't back up so we had to drive around the whole lot just to leave. Cash wasn't paying attention on how fast we were going so as we were leaving the owner started running towards us motioning for Cash to slow down with the dirtiest look I have ever seen on anyone's face. Thank goodness they were full because I'm sure they didn't want us there anyways. But the next KOA we found was smaller and very clean, it was really nice and I'm pretty sure we'll go back again sometime soon.

Cash just waiting for me to set up the camera.

Day Two: We woke up early and made our way to Capitol Reef National Park and hiked to the Hickman's Bridge. After we drove to Hanksville and stopped by the gas station in the rock. Then we drove up to I-70 stopped by Green River and almost got lost because the map says that our next exit was 173 but we passed an exit saying 175 and we thought we both missed it. But luckily we decided to get off the next exit and turn around and by the time that was decided the next exit was the one we wanted originally which was changed to 182. But I guess they still haven't contacted to map company to change it all. After we got on the right road we drove down to Arches National Park right before Moab. Sadly, we didn't have enough time to do the hikes we wanted to do, but that's what the future is for right?

Cash and I at Delicate Arch Upper Look

Day Three: After staying in Moab we drove south heading towards Monument Valley. We passed by Monticello, Blanding, and Mexican Hat. We finally reached Monument Valley I wanted to get a picture running on the road just like Forest Gump did. But sadly we didn't know which road we needed to be on and didn't realize until after that we left Monument. Next time in like a couple of years I'll do it again. After Monument we left and ended up at Page, AZ. and stayed on the Utah side of Lake Powell by Lone Rock.

Cash at Monument Valley

Day Four: We woke up and drove on to Kanarraville to sit and relax after long hours of driving. Overall, the trip was really awesome and so much fun! If you want to see more pictures go check out my Facebook, they'll be plenty on there.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So Ready for School.

"Back to school. Back to school, to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool. I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don't get in a fight. Ohhhh, back to school. Back to school. Back to school. Well, here goes nothing. "

So school has already started for all the "kids" from K-12. But honestly, I wish college started at the same time. I know, I should be like everybody else and not want to go back to school. But I am SO READY for school to start I think I might start counting down the days until it gets here. I'm ready to show up to class, meet new friends, and do homework like it's going out of style. I guess that's why I want to become a teacher. But anyways, for all those who enjoy going to school like me only 8 more days. (minus weekends)

I Broke the Barrier!!

So the reason I'm super excited is that I BROKE THE 170 BARRIER!!! WAHOO!!

So lately I was a little down and not really to happy about all this dieting and working out because almost every morning I would weigh myself and for some stupid reason I just couldn't get past 170 lbs.

I'm not THAT skinny. But one day... hopefully.

WELL, after trying harder and eating smarter and the fun hike Cash and I did yesterday. I weighed myself and I broke the barrier and now I weigh 168 lbs. WAHOO!!! I'm super excited and can't wait to lose more. The really cool thing is that two weeks ago I tried on my dress that I'm wearing to my friends wedding and embarrisng enough it didn't fit. Well I tried it on again and it actually zipped up!! Another big WAHOO!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Houston, We Have A Problem. . .

Alright, so WE don't have a problem, but I do. All of you should know that my lovely best friend since 7th grade is getting married (WAHOO!). WELL, her first plan was to be married October 2nd, which was awesome because then it gave me time to lose the weight I need in order to fit back into my favorite beautiful red dress.

NOT ANYMORE! Jordan decided that she could not wait that long to get married so she moved the wedding date to August 28th.

Yeah, that was basically what my face looked like once I heard the news that she changed the date.

So now, I have 25 days to work my big booty off to fit into my dress. Well, hopefully my booty stays and the mattress on my stomach will disappear and reveal my six pack (if I can get one haha) So as of today I will stick very close to my diet. Which basically means ALOT more cardio, drink ALOT more water than I do now, and eating the right things at the right time. I am really excited to start it off right and to work all my lovely extra cushion off.

So here it goes, 25 days to lose as much weight and inches as I possibly can. Think I can do it? I know I can. I'll keep you guys updated at least every couple of days. (Hopefully)

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Love Game

What do you love today?
1. I love being with my family and people that I care about.

2. I love hanging out with Cash and Lucy up in Kanarraville

3. I love being in school and learning new things.

4. I love watching movies and quoting them with my brothers.

5. I love eating GREAT tasty food.

6. I love helping others with anything and everything.

7. I love cooking and baking.

8. I love reading a really intense book that I can't put down.

9. I love knowing what I am going to do with my life.

10. I love being warm and cozy wrapped up in a blanket in the middle of winter.

Bad Service

Ok, so this might seem like I am ranting and venting about my recent trip to Pizza Hut. But that's because I am. I was not impressed at all when Cash and I went to Pizza Hut for dinner last night since we both were kind of craving their food. Well, let's just say we wont be going there for a long time. (Sorry Cash)

As we pulled in the parking lot it didn't seem like there were many people there so I figured the wait wouldn't be so bad. I was wrong.

We went inside the building and saw a sign that said "Please Wait To Be Seated" so we just stood there looking like idiots for a good 5 to 10 minutes waiting for someone to seat us. Which wouldn't be bad at all. But every employee that passed by us didn't even say a word, they just looked at us and walked away. The manager even glanced at us a couple of times and didn't even do anything. STRIKE ONE! I would have been fine if one of them said "We'll be with you in just one moment" but not even that was said to us. I should have just made Cash turn around walk out and find somewhere else to eat but I decided to give them another chance.

While we were waiting for somebody to talk to us we looked around the place a noticed that every table that was open were either still covered with plates and food from previous eaters or had the dishes cleared but still had cups and crumbs from others still on it. STRIKE TWO!! There was a table that we were standing next to that still had plates, cups, and half eaten pizzas that were left there and still hadn't been touched by the staff. FINALLY, someone from the back of the kitchen who looked like a cook or even the dishwasher finally came up to us and asked if we needed a seat. Uh, DUH! He looked around the room a noticed like we did that every table was dirty with something on it. He even sat us down at a dirty table which was not cool but at that point I was ready to rip them a new hole for being so lazy and dirty.

We got our drinks and ordered our food after a good 20 minutes passed by since we entered the building. And while we were waiting for our food I noticed that family of big boys ordered a lot of food and were getting ready to leave. They took their food in boxes and left a pretty nice tip for the waiter. Well that was nice of them, but then the waitor walked by it many times without cleaning the table. He did actually stop to grab the tip and then go into the back where I saw him get a drink and then just stand around. I was not impressed at all by it.
Oh and then Cash had to use the restroom so he left. But no longer than 5 minutes later he comes walking back and says "If you have to go to the bathroom, hold it. If the girls bathroom looks as bad as the guys bathroom looks like, then they haven't cleaned it for a very long time." That just topped it off for me, I was so ready to leave. When we finally got our bill, I wasn't going to leave a tip but I felt bad. So I tipped our waitress just because she seemed like she was new and nice. But besides her the whole place was disgusting gross and I can't believe we stayed for as long as we did. But I did learn one thing, I'm not eating at Pizza Hut again. (Sorry again Cash)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let's Make a DEAL!!

Alright, so my best friend since 7th grade (Jordan Bleak) is getting married Oct. 2nd and I'm super happy for her and can't wait to be at/in the wedding. But I have one problem, there is no way that I am going to the wedding and being the Maid of Honor as a size 13.

Some people would never announce or even talk about what their close weight is. Yeah, I'm a little uncomfortable but oh well. I'm comfortable enough to say that I'm a bit on the big, jiggly side of life. NO offense to anyone who doesn't like talking about weight. But I want to lose this weight so I'm going to be open about it all. So, I decided I'm going to start a diet and lose weight.

After I told my mom and Kurt about my plan and they were excited and willing to help my through the process of weight loss, Kurt came up with a deal. He told me that if I lose 20 lbs by September 17th he will pay for part of my truck payment of the month. AND if I lose 30 lbs. by Jordan's BIG day (Oct. 2nd) he will also pay for my truck payment of the month of October. . . Can you say MOTIVATION!?!
So starting tomorrow (16 July 2010) I have a total of 30 to 40 lbs to lose in 79 days. Think I can do it? I can! So, I guess we'll just have to see. And don't worry I'll keep y'all updated on my progress and interesting stories to tell ya. (Hopefully) OH!! If you hve any helpful hints or suggestions I would love to hear them.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grand Canyon & Mesa Verde Family Trip 2010

So, it's about time that I finally post pictures and stories from my trip, and to give you a heads up it's pretty long. ENJOY! Well, the first stop we made was at Jacob's Lake while on our way to the Grand Canyon.

Pretty much everywhere around us while we camped at Jacob's Lake.

One morning my mom, Kurt, and I went out on a hunt for this so called "Jacob's Lake" We took every turn, left and right, and drove around for about a good 45 minutes just trying to find the lake. We finally gave up and went to the little gas station/cafe/inn/gift shop and asked the clerk where the lake was. Come to find out, Jacob's Lake isn't really a lake. It's more like a pond. Which was sort of a disappointment, but oh well. We went on our way to drive to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon which was really amazing and awesome.

Going to the North Rim was awesome. My mom, Kurt, Andrew, Alex and I went on a little trail to go out to the very edge of the mountain. While there we saw a monk who was actually really nice because he let Andrew and Alex get a picture taken with him, sadly I wasn't there to get any evidence on my camera. But anywhoo, it was pretty windy, but it really wasn't that bad. I just wish Charles wasn't afraid of heights or had asthema because this trail was really pretty and a lot of fun to walk and see many people from many different places.

After coming back from that trail, we all went to the gift shop where Andrew and I discovered a book that we were very tempted to buy but for some reason decided not to.

After the grand canyon we drove for about what seemed like forever until we reached Cortez, Colorado to see Mesa Verde! We reached our KOA where we camped for the night and then got up bright and early so we could go see everything we wanted to. Here's a cool fact: There was a seriously huge fire a year or two ago that burnt up a lot of the mountain range around Mesa Verde which revealed over 100 undiscovered little "villages" in numerous places around the mountain. Well it's not cool that it was a real big fire, but still it's crazy how there were many other places that weren't discovered until a fire uncovered them from all the bushes and trees.

I recommend that if anyone visits Mesa Verde they should go on the tours. The funny thing about our tour was our Ranger. First of all, Andrew and I have our own way of talking to eachother that contains a very serious lisp impediment ordeal. Well we were talking like that the entire trip until we met our Ranger Tour Guide man. He walks up and starts greeting everyone and explaining the rules, well guess what. He has the speech impediment that me and Andrew use all the time. We were so shocked that we would meet anyone with the lisp that we use basically everyday, we didn't even dare try and talk like him so that he didn't hear us accidently somehow. He was very friendly and pretty funny I might add, which made it real fun and very informational for everything that he explained on how the pueblonians (if that is a real word) lived and survived in the mountains. It was really awesome how people can make a home and live in it while it's in the side of a mountain.

Well after Mesa Verde we went back to the trailer and swam in the little KOA pool to cool off and relax after a long awesome, fun day. The next morning we left to go to Lake Powell for the night to swim in the lake and because my mom didn't want to drive 8 hours in one day and decided to break it up into two days. Then we drove home the next day and that was about it. I'm sorry that this is a long post, but this is only half of the stories that I have to tell. So if you want to know some of the other ones just let me know. I will more than be glad to tell you about it. And I promise that my next post wont be this long.

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Life So Far

Well this is going to be a first for me, it'll be a little bit awkard for me with this blog so just bare with me until I get a hang of this. So let's get it started.

Well, I am 19 and currently go to Dixie State College for my general eds but hopefully sometime soon I will be up at SUU getting my degree in teaching, which I am totally excited for! Wahoo! I am the only girl out of 6 boys, besides my mom. Let's see what else?? OH! I am currently in a wonderful relationship with a beautiful man whose name is Cash. He's the best person I could have ever met and I am very blessed to have him in my life.

The Lawson Vuki Kofford clan, also known as the LVK's. (minus Brandon)

Cash and I on a hiking adventure. Hopefully I can get a better picture of the both of us soon.