Monday, January 24, 2011

Update Time!!

Alright, it's been probably a month or longer since I last blogged and I've had a few complaints (Cash). I've been a busy ever since school started. Yes, school has started and it is awesome!! I pretty much loves all my classes. What am I taking? Well, I have Math, a.k.a. Quantitive Reasoning (which is another post all by itself), Interpersonal Communications, Geology, and Family Relationships. I did have an American history class but he required us to read 6 books just for that class. SIX BOOKS for ONE class!?!? NO THANK YOU!! So, sadly I had to drop it, but hopefully I can take it from a different teacher some other time down the road. Other than school all I have been doing is working, sitting around doing homework, or spending time up in K-town. (that was for you, Cash)

Oh! Yesterday my family, cash, and I took a fun trip up to Brian Head for my brother Andrew's birthday/christmas present. I would put pictures up but for some reason my picture card isn't working. So once I can figure out how to make it so it works I'll put them up. Until then you'll just have to wait until I have a story from my birthday next Sunday... WAHOO