Friday, August 16, 2013

A Letter for Grandma

Sunday night I got a call from my dad saying that he was on his way up to Sandy because Grandma wasn't doing so well and that he will call me in the morning for more details. I was a little nervous but I figured she would be fine since last time I got that phone call she was up and walking around when I drove up there.

I was woken up by a phone call from dad saying that Grandma didn't make it and that she has gone to be with Grandpa. Last time I was with her our entire family was there and we all said our 'Goodbyes' as a whole. I figured that since all the other grand kids lived near her were able to have a one-on-one with her, I was never able to have a one-on-one session with my grandma like I would have wanted. But that's what this post is about.

Dear Grandma,

I love you. And I miss you. I know we never were able to have a conversation with just us, but that's what this is. I just want to say Thank You. Thank you for all you have done. 

I've been mourning the loss of you this whole week when a beautiful mother who I have considered as another mother was finally able to inspire me to mourn, but more importantly to celebrate your life. And that is what this is. This is my way of celebrating your life. 

Thank you for teaching me to include everyone. I know your English was broken and you preferred Tongan, but you knew that my brother and I never really understood the language so you always tried your hardest to speak in English. I want to thank you for that. Thank you for unknowingly teaching us all to include everyone in everything no matter what the barrier was. 

 I want to thank you for showing me how to give and serve. It didn't matter how you felt, you always had the energy to give something to someone else, whether it was baking cakes or making food for a family. When you went on two missions it showed me that you care so much about the gospel that you are willing to share and give the knowledge that you know to others so that they can love the gospel just like you.

I want to thank you for having dreams with me. I knew Cash was the one for me to be with forever when I knew he had to meet you. I wish he could have met Grandpa too, but he will when he gets up there and waits for me. I know you were waiting for a call from me saying that we have set a wedding date so that you can start making our wedding cake. (And to be honest, even though everyone told me to keep telling you no. I would have said yes. Because that's what you wanted and I wanted it too.) But now you can be there. You will be at our wedding to enjoy and dance along with us. I know you will bring Grandpa and others when you come to be apart of that joyful day. 

I want to thank you for showing me how to be strong. I believe I got my strength from you. Before you were diagnosed with cancer you showed how strong you were to be able to leave us here and go on two missions. You showed me how strong your passion and love for the gospel was and that you were willing do anything to share your love. After you were diagnosed you showed me how strong you were for the family. I didn't really see any of your bad days, but if I did you were strong enough to still be apart of our activities, even if you were just a bystander. You showed me that even if you didn't feel well or if something wasn't going right you were strong enough to hold the family together.

But most of all, I want to thank you for this family. Thank you for coming to this great country to not only pursue your dreams, but also your children's dreams.Thank you for creating a family with Grandpa that is willing to open their arms and their hearts to everyone. Thank you for teaching this family to love the gospel and to be faithful to the church. 

I love you Salote Kalielea Pale Vuki.

God Be With You Until We Meet Again

Kalilea (Kali) Ana Vuki

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's been awhile. . .

I know. I'm horrible. I haven't kept up with this blog in quite some time. And I only have one reason. . . . . . . 


Right as the spring semester started my work (Lin's) has gone into remodel mode. Well, they started the day after Thanksgiving, but they didn't go full force until January. It's been insane. Lately, and literally, all I have done is work or school. No social life, no love life, nothing. Just ask Miriam and Cash or my Lin's famn damily. I don't really have time for any of them. And I hate it. But I have just a few short 20 minutes before my next class so I'll be quick and tell you what's been going on.

School: It's crazy but somehow I'm getting better grades than what I had expected with what else is going on. (Part of why I'm so busy) But the best part is it's all about writing papers. (Minus math. That subject can just burn in hell forever.) Good thing I'm an excellent writer or else I'd be screwed. Oh, and I'm thinking about going back up to SUU. I know I've been up there and back but I just don't feel like I was ready for it and with what has been happening not only at home but everywhere else that has made me grow I feel as if I'm ready and I could handle being away this time. 

Work: It's in remodel and that alone is crazy. We hired some new people, they all seem cool so don't worry about them they're new faces but they're learning as quick as they can. (Other part of why I'm so busy)

Relationships: It's as if they have been put on hold for the time being. It sucks and shouldn't happen (I'll make that change soon) I try and make time to spend with Cash but it's as if I get called in to cover a shift or he makes other plans on the days I have off so we hardly ever see each other. It's as if I'm single but I have a guy who I hang out with barely once a week but too tired to really do anything with other than sit on the couch and just do nothing because I'm exhausted. (Long distance relationships suck and are more work than any other type of relationship. But I wouldn't trade it for the world. He is mine and I am his.)

Health: Somehow with all of the stuff I have going on I have been able to go to Dr. Pinkston at Advance Health and doing NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique) This is a whole other blog post that is set aside for when I have more time and not just a few minutes. It's amazing how this process works. And I'm also writing research papers on it so I'm becoming the know-it-all of NAET for my family and friends. Oh, and WINGS.  I have only gone through one session of it but I can tell a MAJOR difference on how I used to handle certain situations and how I handle them now. (Part of the reason I feel like I'm ready to go back to SUU. And another blog post on it's own that I will disclose with you.)

So yeah. I've been that busy. 

- Love, Peace, Chicken Grease

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Month of Giving Thanks

I know it's late but I'm doing it anyways!

I've been slacking on my posts. I know. I'm sorry. Cash has been bugging me more than ever to make a post. Welp, here's a quick update. End of July Cash, pretty much the entire Williams clan (minus a few) and I went to Yellowstone National Park. It was a bunch of fun. TONS of driving but it was worth it. Then during Labor Day weekend Cash and I went on a river trip down the Green Rive in Colorado and Utah starting at the Gates of Lodore and ending up somewhere by Vernal, Utah, I think. Anyway, it was tons of fun we went with Uncle Ron and a few of his friends, Lucas, Josh and a few of his buddies as well. AND my cousin James got married second week of October and with the whole family we couldn't help but have a great time( another post about this soon.) And then Halloween. Actually, nothing really happened other than I dressed up as Rosie the Riveter for work. It was great.

So anyway to what this post really is about. . No Shave November. Just kidding, it's only about November, the month of giving thanks. So a lot friends on Facebook have been posting daily about what they are thankful for that day. I wanted to do it but I'm not a fan of doing that kind of stuff. So here I go.

30 Things I'm Thankful For

1. I'm thankful for my mom. She has the answer for everything and knows what to say and when to say it . 
(duh! she's a mom)

2. I'm thankful for the soldiers/veterans who have fought and do fight for this wonderful country.

3. I am thankful for Cash.(the boyfriend not money) I am thankful for all that he has done for me and what I have done for him. I can truly say that for the almost past 3 years we have both grown up more than we thought we could.

4. I am thankful for social networking. Without it I wouldn't be able to stalk random people I went to school with, I mean, keep in touch with family and close friends.

5. I am thankful for Youtube. There I said it, it's out there. There are some days where life just SUCKS and nothing can make it better. And then you hop on Youtube and somehow find the funniest/cutest thins ever and it just makes everything better.

6. I am thankful for Miriam Roche. She may or may not see this, but even though we fought rarely it was always felt like Clash of the Titans.

7. I am thankful for my family. I'm not talking about my brothers (yes, I'm thankful for them) but I'm saying I'm thankful for extended family. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents. I know I have a lot, but I am thankful for each and everyone of them.

8. I am thankful for comedy. If the world wasn't as funny as it was or if people were as funny as they were, this world would be the most boring, dull, and mundane it could ever be.

9. I am thankful for modern medicine and health technology. Without out it none of us would be able to understand why we have certain health issues.

10. This should have been at the top. I am thankful for education. Not so I can become a teacher, but so we can be informed and be able create professions and careers for everyone.

11. I am thankful for food. Without it we'd all be superficial skinny snotty people. HA!!! Just kidding. Without food we wouldn't live. 'nuff said.

12. I am thankful for animals. They make THE CUTEST babies ever. (no argument against cute baby animals)

13. I am thankful for my Lin's family. Without them I wouldn't know what I would do with my free time.

14. I am thankful for music. There are just some moments in life where I just can't express with words. But a 
good song with great lyrics will always do the work.

15. I am thankful for love. L-O-V-E  I'm not talking about going all out and extravagant for one occasion (unless that's what you define as love, then ignore the rest of this number and jump to 16). I'm talking about when a person is proud of who you are, what you do, appreciates you, wants to be there with you and for you. The person (or people) who keep your 'love tank' full (by 'love tank' I mean that we all have a place in our heart that is like a gas tank, but for love. And when it's full we are confident, happy, and want to show/share our love for others. But when it's empty, we cry out for love and sad/bad things can happen after that.) I guess I should write an entire other post for this one too. I got it from a book called The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. (you can borrow it if you would like, but remember to return it to me. It's a book that I plan on rereading for the rest of my life. (Cross your fingers so I can get Cash to read it at least once.)

16. I am thankful for my brothers. They all are very different from each other. They all may be annoying and mean sometimes, but we all get along great (Especially since we all past the puberty stage.)

17. I am thankful for TV series. I don't know what it is, but television shows that last longer than 2 seasons are amazing. Dr. Who, The Big Bang Theory, How i met Your Mother, etc. . all those shows are amazing. AND I LOVE THEM!!

18. I am thankful for nature. Any and all things not touched by man are beautiful and amazing.

19. I know I already said I am thankful for education, but I am thankful for my Humanities class. I don't know what it is (I've said that before), but this class has made so many connections with so many other things in my life that it has opened my eyes up to a lot of things.

20. I am thankful for movies. Just like TV shows they are made for our entertainment and for us to memorize and quote at the right time int he right moment.

21. I am thankful for being a Romantic. I know, weird thing to be thankful for, right? I'm learning new things in my humanities class every time we meet and I'm slowly becoming sad that it comes to an end in a couple of weeks.

22. I am thankful for strangers. Another weird one, I know. But there is something about talking with random strangers of having them help you with something that you're struggling with that make it all that much better.

23. I am thankful for vehicles. Without them I would never be able to get to where I need to go.

24. I am thankful for being free. And by free I mean that I am thankful for the fact that I have the choice to vote and be heard. That I can say what I want and not be punished for any of it. So yeah, I am thankful for this nations president(s) and what they and our founding fathers have done for what we have today. (Don't go all political on me.)

25. I am thankful for Instant Netflix. I wouldn't be caught up with all the shows and movies everyone somehow magically have time for.

26. I am thankful for Teen Mom 2. WHY? It's a great birth control method with what and who they have to deal with. I know everyone goes through it, but watching it is better than living it. (too harsh)

27. I am thankful for footie pajamas. WHY? Because they make everything so much easier to deal with and they are super cute!!! Just like this one (If I was rich enough, I'd have all them) (Cash buy me one. . . PUHLEEEASE!!!!)

28. I am thankful for electronic devices. I would probably do nothing or get nothing done if I didn't have certain electronic devices.
29. I am thankful for clothes. I  probably will never have a sense of fashion unless I employ a personal shopper, but there are some outfits that are just super cute and sometimes make me a tad jealous that I don't have those clothes. (too superficial?)
30. I am thankful this damn post is done even though it's three days late. 

Friday, September 14, 2012


I'm pretty sure ya'll have heard of this song before. If not, then listen to it because it has over 150 million views on the interweb at a site called the Youtube. I love this song. Yes, I do know the dance. And I have no regrets.

Friday, August 24, 2012

New Blog

Hey friends. I'm taking a Humanities Class that requires to have a blog. So I've made a new one. There are a few things that may or may not be interesting for you to read. But it also could start up some pretty deep/cool conversations. So check it out.

-Love, Peace, Chicken Grease

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

All You Are Is Mean

Ever have a coworker who is just MEAN!? I do. And let me tell you. . . She is MEAN!! 

We all have our fights to battle in life which is understandable but taking it out on someone who doesn't even have any part in your problems is unacceptable. Spreading rumors and bashing someone is no way to treat anyone. At all.'

 I didn't know what to do for the longest time. I tried different ways to approach her and her meanness. But it just didn't work. So I finally decided that enough is enough and went to the boss man. I told him the problems that she has been blaming on me and the rumors she has been spreading  and that even though I'm not the only one she is mean to I get the brunt of it all since I have to work side by side with her.

Let me tell you. It was a relief. I felt better and more confident than I ever have before with situations similar to this. I told my wellness coach what happened and how I dealt with it and she was very proud of me :) She said that she could tell that standing up for myself was a very empowering moment and feeling for me. Which is true!! 

If I could tell my coworker how I felt about her there would be many curse words and fists flying in the air. So instead I decided that my favorite female artist, Taylor Swift, will say it for me. 

- Love, Peace, Chicken Grease

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Alright, so I know I should have been keeping up on my "blogging" but I've just been too busy. So be prepared that this will be a very lengthy post. . . Where should I start?

Family Reunion
So on my wonderful dads side of the family we had a reunion. It's been pretty much 12 years since the entire family has gotten together under one roof. And let me tell you, there is no roof big enough to hold the love that flows through each of us. The St. George Crew (Cash, Me, Charles, Julieann, and Dad) made breakfast on Saturday for the big family reunion day. After breakfast we went down and cheered on my cousin's kids games. Which was more fun than I thought. (can't wait for them to cheer on my future kids in sports). After being cheerleaders we made our way to a wonderful park where we had a BBQ and fun games like egg toss and kickball. (Kickball was awesome. And as I was looking around I noticed almost all of my family members were barefoot. Then I realized. . . You know you come from a brown family when everyone is barefoot and playing kickball on a baseball diamond.) After the BBQ we all went back to get ready and have a family dance/talent show at my Aunt Laura's church. We had tons of fun and learned many new things of where we come from and who we are. I know a lot of them wanted to come down to St. Geezy for the next reunion, but the days they were planning are during some of the most hottest times of the year, after we explained that to them we have agreed to keep it in Sandy for the time being. On Sunday, (Mother's Day) we all dressed up for church wearing pink for my grandma (She's battling cancer) in support of her fight. She's a strong and beautiful women who has much love and much support around her everyday. Anyways, here are some pictures of the reunion.

 Cash and I trying to make breakfast.
 Charles and I playing in the Egg Toss (we won)

 My Aunt Laura Lui and My Grandma Salote Kalilea Pale Vuki
 Me and My Dad :)
 The fam watching the talent show
My Dad's Family. 
(Top (L-R) Heleti Sione Vuki (my dad), Ana Finau Vai, Peni & Fane Tuipulotu with Kimi Tuipulotu, Misieli Mitch Vuki. Bottom (L-R) Laura Lui, Grandma Salote Pale Vuki, Grandpa Sione Fifita Vuki, & Salesi Kautoke Vuki)

And the entire Vuki family.
 7 kids, 22 grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren. 

Our family logo printed on all our shirts
(Famili ta'engata means eternal family and the seal is the tongan national seal meaning God and Tonga are my inheritance. So basically we are an eternal family that is tied together through our faith in God and our heritage)

Solar Eclipse
So I'm pretty sure you all knew about the Solar Eclipse in Kanarraville, Utah. Obviously with so many people wanting to come to the house to watch the fun. I decided to put together a potluck dinner for everyone so they can enjoy fun, food, and the eclipse. I know ya'll want pictures but I was too busy being a host (actually I didn't have a camera and didn't really feel like taking pictures either) so I let everyone else take pictures and just enjoy the company. SO MANY PEOPLE were in town it was just ridiculous. I've never seen K-town or Cash's house packed with as much people that were there. It was still tons of fun and I'm glad everyone had a great time. I met Cash's cousin Sally, her husband Mike, and their two out of three kids Serena and Sam. They are all a blast and I can't wait for them to come back down! 

 New Job
So I started a new job about a month ago. No I didn't leave Lin's (sadly. JK) I went from seasonal produce girl to Meat Deli Clerk/ Poultry Specialist. I pretty much work EARLY mornings. Depending on the size of our load I'm either at the store at 4 a.m. or 6 a.m. which sucks, but I get off more earlier than ever thought of so that's nice. If you don't know what a Meat Deli Clerk is (or if you are just curious but don't really care) I pretty much take care of the lunch meats, cheeses, hot dogs, bacon, and sausages. (pretty much Aisle 6). And I'm also in charge of the frozen bagged chicken that somehow everyone loves to buy. So that's my new job. I work with another lady named Julie. We have our ups and downs but we work pretty well with each other. 

So. . . That's been my life so far. It's been crazy, but I love it. I'll try to update my fitness blog with some interesting things I found out about myself, but it's late and I'm tired. So I'll do it another time. So keep your eyes open for that update. 

- Love, Peace, Chicken Grease