Thursday, June 9, 2011

Many Firsts for One Weekend

Well as you all know a few weeks back I went to Cash's uncles ranch out on the Arizon Strip. I know, I know. I should have done this post right after I got back, but obviously that didn't work out. This new schedule I have totally throws me off. It's a nice schedule since I have more hours, it just takes all of my day away so I only have time to wake up, eat, and get ready for work in the morning. But enough about my schedule, let's get to story time!!!

So as we arrived to Uncle Ron's ranch the first thing I did was take pictures of the cattle.

They all lined up very nicely for me.

There was one cow that kept on watching me and followed me as I walked around and took more pictures. It's number is 303 but even though it's probably a female I decided to call it Steve.

Meet Steve

So that was one of my firsts, I came within five feet of a cow or should I say cattle since there were so many of them.

I would have taken more pictures BUT a cow step on my camera and broke it so now I'm cameraless until I "borrow" Cash's camera. Anyways the story on how my camera broke. . .

After we arrived and I took my pictures Cash and I went with Cash's cousin Josh to go get some of the cattle that didn't make it when uncle Ron rounded them up the day before. As we rode on the four wheeler to the other corral we had to round up some that were near the corral but yet not in the corral so we had to spook them to turn around and run into the corral. That didn't really work. We got one of the cows back in the corral but then the other one freaked and started charging at me. I thought if it would see me it would freak out and turn around. . . NOPE. It decided to charge towards me and I decided to dive out of the way. But when I dove, my camera fell out of my jacket pocket and then the mean cow ran over it. The sad part is that I didn't even realize that my camera was missing until later that day when I wanted to take pictures of seperating the calfs from the cows and then branding them.

So I don't really have any more pictures, but I do have something else to tell you all. I've decided that if my teaching doesn't work out I'm going to become a rancher or just become a professional cattle brander. Haha. Well all of the other firsts are not as exciting as my cow charging at me. But some of my others first are that I ate my first whole wheat pancake, helped brand my first calf, and slept in my first cabin/shaq. It was awesome. I had so much fun going to the ranch, Cash and I decided we will make it a tradition every year. So Ron, if you're reading this or one of your children's are count on us to be there every year.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Angels Landing: Check

So it's about time I posted a new blog, right!? I have to publicly apologize to Ellen (Cash's mom) for not consistently keeping up with my blogging that I promised. Plus, I also need to finish my 30 day challenge that I haven't finished yet. But anyways, This morning a couple of friends and I went on a wonderful hike out at Zion National Park. I figured that we would do a couple of the dinky little easy hikes, BUT everyone else had a better idea. They decided they wanted to hike Angels Landing.

I don't know who's bright idea it was to hike up all the way to the very edge of a straight edged cliff, but they were CRAZY!!! Then again I'm crazy for doing the same hike. I do have to be proud to cross Angels Landing off my bucket list and not worry about it ever again. But I can write a new thing on my list which is: Dominate any hike that Cash throws at me. Because in my book if I can dominate Angels Landing and actually NOT fall off the cliff and/or survive I can do anything hike that Cash throws at me. So BRING IT ON CASH!!!!

But in the meantime, here are some fun pictures I took.

Josh, Me, Liana

Our Group at the top, minus Liana

Me, Austin, Josh, Ben

Me hanging over the edge

The chain leading to the top.