Monday, July 19, 2010

Bad Service

Ok, so this might seem like I am ranting and venting about my recent trip to Pizza Hut. But that's because I am. I was not impressed at all when Cash and I went to Pizza Hut for dinner last night since we both were kind of craving their food. Well, let's just say we wont be going there for a long time. (Sorry Cash)

As we pulled in the parking lot it didn't seem like there were many people there so I figured the wait wouldn't be so bad. I was wrong.

We went inside the building and saw a sign that said "Please Wait To Be Seated" so we just stood there looking like idiots for a good 5 to 10 minutes waiting for someone to seat us. Which wouldn't be bad at all. But every employee that passed by us didn't even say a word, they just looked at us and walked away. The manager even glanced at us a couple of times and didn't even do anything. STRIKE ONE! I would have been fine if one of them said "We'll be with you in just one moment" but not even that was said to us. I should have just made Cash turn around walk out and find somewhere else to eat but I decided to give them another chance.

While we were waiting for somebody to talk to us we looked around the place a noticed that every table that was open were either still covered with plates and food from previous eaters or had the dishes cleared but still had cups and crumbs from others still on it. STRIKE TWO!! There was a table that we were standing next to that still had plates, cups, and half eaten pizzas that were left there and still hadn't been touched by the staff. FINALLY, someone from the back of the kitchen who looked like a cook or even the dishwasher finally came up to us and asked if we needed a seat. Uh, DUH! He looked around the room a noticed like we did that every table was dirty with something on it. He even sat us down at a dirty table which was not cool but at that point I was ready to rip them a new hole for being so lazy and dirty.

We got our drinks and ordered our food after a good 20 minutes passed by since we entered the building. And while we were waiting for our food I noticed that family of big boys ordered a lot of food and were getting ready to leave. They took their food in boxes and left a pretty nice tip for the waiter. Well that was nice of them, but then the waitor walked by it many times without cleaning the table. He did actually stop to grab the tip and then go into the back where I saw him get a drink and then just stand around. I was not impressed at all by it.
Oh and then Cash had to use the restroom so he left. But no longer than 5 minutes later he comes walking back and says "If you have to go to the bathroom, hold it. If the girls bathroom looks as bad as the guys bathroom looks like, then they haven't cleaned it for a very long time." That just topped it off for me, I was so ready to leave. When we finally got our bill, I wasn't going to leave a tip but I felt bad. So I tipped our waitress just because she seemed like she was new and nice. But besides her the whole place was disgusting gross and I can't believe we stayed for as long as we did. But I did learn one thing, I'm not eating at Pizza Hut again. (Sorry again Cash)

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Jessie said...

That sounds terrible! I've only eaten at Pizza Hut a few times and I'm really not that impressed with them, and your tale has made me want to eat there less and less. I'm surprised Cash didn't make you leave earlier, he's usually pretty antsy when he is hungry.