Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Alright, so I know I should have been keeping up on my "blogging" but I've just been too busy. So be prepared that this will be a very lengthy post. . . Where should I start?

Family Reunion
So on my wonderful dads side of the family we had a reunion. It's been pretty much 12 years since the entire family has gotten together under one roof. And let me tell you, there is no roof big enough to hold the love that flows through each of us. The St. George Crew (Cash, Me, Charles, Julieann, and Dad) made breakfast on Saturday for the big family reunion day. After breakfast we went down and cheered on my cousin's kids games. Which was more fun than I thought. (can't wait for them to cheer on my future kids in sports). After being cheerleaders we made our way to a wonderful park where we had a BBQ and fun games like egg toss and kickball. (Kickball was awesome. And as I was looking around I noticed almost all of my family members were barefoot. Then I realized. . . You know you come from a brown family when everyone is barefoot and playing kickball on a baseball diamond.) After the BBQ we all went back to get ready and have a family dance/talent show at my Aunt Laura's church. We had tons of fun and learned many new things of where we come from and who we are. I know a lot of them wanted to come down to St. Geezy for the next reunion, but the days they were planning are during some of the most hottest times of the year, after we explained that to them we have agreed to keep it in Sandy for the time being. On Sunday, (Mother's Day) we all dressed up for church wearing pink for my grandma (She's battling cancer) in support of her fight. She's a strong and beautiful women who has much love and much support around her everyday. Anyways, here are some pictures of the reunion.

 Cash and I trying to make breakfast.
 Charles and I playing in the Egg Toss (we won)

 My Aunt Laura Lui and My Grandma Salote Kalilea Pale Vuki
 Me and My Dad :)
 The fam watching the talent show
My Dad's Family. 
(Top (L-R) Heleti Sione Vuki (my dad), Ana Finau Vai, Peni & Fane Tuipulotu with Kimi Tuipulotu, Misieli Mitch Vuki. Bottom (L-R) Laura Lui, Grandma Salote Pale Vuki, Grandpa Sione Fifita Vuki, & Salesi Kautoke Vuki)

And the entire Vuki family.
 7 kids, 22 grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren. 

Our family logo printed on all our shirts
(Famili ta'engata means eternal family and the seal is the tongan national seal meaning God and Tonga are my inheritance. So basically we are an eternal family that is tied together through our faith in God and our heritage)

Solar Eclipse
So I'm pretty sure you all knew about the Solar Eclipse in Kanarraville, Utah. Obviously with so many people wanting to come to the house to watch the fun. I decided to put together a potluck dinner for everyone so they can enjoy fun, food, and the eclipse. I know ya'll want pictures but I was too busy being a host (actually I didn't have a camera and didn't really feel like taking pictures either) so I let everyone else take pictures and just enjoy the company. SO MANY PEOPLE were in town it was just ridiculous. I've never seen K-town or Cash's house packed with as much people that were there. It was still tons of fun and I'm glad everyone had a great time. I met Cash's cousin Sally, her husband Mike, and their two out of three kids Serena and Sam. They are all a blast and I can't wait for them to come back down! 

 New Job
So I started a new job about a month ago. No I didn't leave Lin's (sadly. JK) I went from seasonal produce girl to Meat Deli Clerk/ Poultry Specialist. I pretty much work EARLY mornings. Depending on the size of our load I'm either at the store at 4 a.m. or 6 a.m. which sucks, but I get off more earlier than ever thought of so that's nice. If you don't know what a Meat Deli Clerk is (or if you are just curious but don't really care) I pretty much take care of the lunch meats, cheeses, hot dogs, bacon, and sausages. (pretty much Aisle 6). And I'm also in charge of the frozen bagged chicken that somehow everyone loves to buy. So that's my new job. I work with another lady named Julie. We have our ups and downs but we work pretty well with each other. 

So. . . That's been my life so far. It's been crazy, but I love it. I'll try to update my fitness blog with some interesting things I found out about myself, but it's late and I'm tired. So I'll do it another time. So keep your eyes open for that update. 

- Love, Peace, Chicken Grease