Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Two Year Adventure with Cash

So the first try failed. Thanks for letting me know Libby.
Anyway, Here's the video, enjoy.
Happy two year anniversary in 5 days Cash.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm a Survivor!

So, I know that there should be something horrible to happen in order for me to survive. But I have to say, I have officially survived my first semester away from home. Yeah, I should probably wait until the end of Spring sememster but I wont. I know the last post was a bit out there and personal. I was just ranting. But now it's all over.
The semester is over.
 I'm moving out and moving in to a different apartment. No more coming home to an unlocked apartment or leaving an unlocked apartment in the early morning to get some work done at the Library. No more roudy, annoying, and crude roommates OR their friends. No more trying to ignore the guys living above us "getting it on", or where they are in the room(they walk very heavily and loudly). And finally no more dirty dishes, dirty countertops, and overflowing garbage cans to deal with. I know, maybe some of those things will happen in the new apartment but, hopefully the new rommies will be better than the two I've been living with these past few months.

I'm excited for the next semester.
It'll be an awesome next semester.
And for next year, I'll be on my own. Jessie will be graduated and off creating her life.
BUT. . .
Liana (one of my best friends from work) is now single and thinking of doing some changes in her life. One of them is moving to a different place.
 SOOO. . .
I offered for her to come to Cedar and live with me. It'll be awesome!! She doesn't know for sure if that's what she really wants to do, but it is on the top of her list. Fingers Crossed!!
And Oh,

Merry Chrismanukkahwanzaadan
(in other words: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Merry Ramadan)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December is not my month

So I'm pretty sure the news has gotten around by now. If not, then here it goes.
(some of it is a bit personal information, but I really don't care)

December is not my month. It's BARELY the end of the first week in December and it's not the best I've had. How is it not the best?

Welp, the emergency brake on my truck was acting up and finally
got stuck on Monday and broke. It wouldn't release and when Cash was trying to pull the lever handle broke off so even trying to get it undone was impossible. I was almost late to class but was able to take Cash's car (another reason why december isn't my month) since my truck was being lame. Finally, I got the brake undone and Tuesday I went down to St. George to get it fixed and discovered it'll be about $250. I don't have $250 but my parents said I NEEDED to have my brake fixed so they paid for it and I have to pay them back. . somehow. . . slowly. .

I wrecked Cash's car into a parked truck.
 On my way home from class on Monday I was LITERALLY a block away from Cash's house when I was turning left and started to slide on ice. I thought I was pumping the brakes good enough but I guess not. I slid off the road and ran the right side of the car into a truck. I called Cash and he walked down the street and looked at the damage I caused. We tried to get a hold of the owner of the truck since they were parked at a house but nobody answered. So we went home and called the insurance company and my parents and explained what happened. After calming down from the shock of what happened we went back over to the house and got ahold of the homeowner. I explained what happened and they said it was their niece's truck and that it didn't look too bad. They were very nice and understanding so the weight of dreading about how they would react was lifted and everything seemed a bit better. While my truck was being fixed Tuesday Cash took his car over to the dealership to get it estimated for the damage that I caused. The guy took the estimate and said it would cost about $3,200 to be fixed.
Are you kidding me?!?
 I didn't think it'd be that expensive but I guess that's what happens when you crash a Cadillac CTS.

 Thankfully insurance is going to cover all of it besides the deductible which I have to pay. What's the deductible? $500 I can't even pay my parents back for a replaced parking brake, how the hell am I supposed to  pay a $500 deductible? Yeah, I don't know either. I'm a poor college student getting screwed over by Walmart (Reason #3) with a job that barely covers my own bills, how am I supposed to pay a deductible. I have a few family members I can ask. But it's the fact that I have to ask them that is my problem. They'd be more than happy to help me out I just need the courage to do it.

Reason #3
I officially think Walmart and their so called "credit cards" should burn in hell.
A few years back I needed to tires for my truck but I didn't have any money to get them replaced. So my mom and I went over to Walmart and registered for their credit card so I could get new tires and pay back in time. I was doing good for paying it off until I for some stupid reason, only God knows why, I used my card like it was going out of style. Now I have this huge debt to pay and whenever I try to pay online when I HAVE the money they take their precious effing time and decide to take my money when I have nothing in my account.
I know, I know.
I need to keep track of my spending. I'm not dumb. I've had many arguments with my own mother about this situation that I now have the attitude of "screw it."
I just want to call up Walmart and say "When I pay my bill online in a week of  advance, there is a reason for it. I don't want to spend that money on something else so, take my effing money the next day or else I'm gonna end up spending it! You'll be screwed out of not getting your money this month and I'll get my credit score screwed for insufficient funds. So get your finger out of your nose, do your job and take my damn money or become part of a lose-lose situation."
I know it's kind of a mean thing to say. But for me, the stress about whether or not I have enough to pay a stupid corporation in advance instead of waiting the last minute and get a late fee is just ridiculous and I wont put up with it. You think that Walmart would be happy that I want to pay in advance. Guess what, NOPE!

Reason #4
(This probably should have been #1 since it's the first incident that happend to me that caused this spiral to a stupid month.)
I was heading down to St. George with my new friend, Kolby Rimer, when I had to stop in Kanarraville to feed Lucy since I was meeting Cash down in St. George to hang with some friends and then go to a company Christmas party the next morning.
Anyway, I was getting ready to open the door and then my key broke. INSIDE the key hole, so any effort of trying to get it out without taking the whole door handle contraption is impossible.
Yeah, it sucks.

So yeah, it's only one week into December and it's not my month.

(next year better be better or I'm gonna shoot something)