Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So Ready for School.

"Back to school. Back to school, to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool. I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don't get in a fight. Ohhhh, back to school. Back to school. Back to school. Well, here goes nothing. "

So school has already started for all the "kids" from K-12. But honestly, I wish college started at the same time. I know, I should be like everybody else and not want to go back to school. But I am SO READY for school to start I think I might start counting down the days until it gets here. I'm ready to show up to class, meet new friends, and do homework like it's going out of style. I guess that's why I want to become a teacher. But anyways, for all those who enjoy going to school like me only 8 more days. (minus weekends)

I Broke the Barrier!!

So the reason I'm super excited is that I BROKE THE 170 BARRIER!!! WAHOO!!

So lately I was a little down and not really to happy about all this dieting and working out because almost every morning I would weigh myself and for some stupid reason I just couldn't get past 170 lbs.

I'm not THAT skinny. But one day... hopefully.

WELL, after trying harder and eating smarter and the fun hike Cash and I did yesterday. I weighed myself and I broke the barrier and now I weigh 168 lbs. WAHOO!!! I'm super excited and can't wait to lose more. The really cool thing is that two weeks ago I tried on my dress that I'm wearing to my friends wedding and embarrisng enough it didn't fit. Well I tried it on again and it actually zipped up!! Another big WAHOO!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Houston, We Have A Problem. . .

Alright, so WE don't have a problem, but I do. All of you should know that my lovely best friend since 7th grade is getting married (WAHOO!). WELL, her first plan was to be married October 2nd, which was awesome because then it gave me time to lose the weight I need in order to fit back into my favorite beautiful red dress.

NOT ANYMORE! Jordan decided that she could not wait that long to get married so she moved the wedding date to August 28th.

Yeah, that was basically what my face looked like once I heard the news that she changed the date.

So now, I have 25 days to work my big booty off to fit into my dress. Well, hopefully my booty stays and the mattress on my stomach will disappear and reveal my six pack (if I can get one haha) So as of today I will stick very close to my diet. Which basically means ALOT more cardio, drink ALOT more water than I do now, and eating the right things at the right time. I am really excited to start it off right and to work all my lovely extra cushion off.

So here it goes, 25 days to lose as much weight and inches as I possibly can. Think I can do it? I know I can. I'll keep you guys updated at least every couple of days. (Hopefully)