Friday, September 24, 2010

If guys were like girls...

So I thought this was pretty hilarious. Hope y'all enjoy it too.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Road Trip 2010

So most of you all know that Cash and I took a road trip to Moab, UT. Well I pretty much wanted to sum it up with a cool nifty slideshow with music, but I'm still a bit new and I have NO IDEA how create one. So if anyone wants to help me figure out how to make one it'd be deeply appreciated. It's a bit long, sorry.

Day One: We left Kanarraville and drove to Torrey, UT. passing through Panguitch, Boulder (which is beautiful by the way), made a pit stop and hiked the Lower Calf Creek, and reached Torrey just in time to set up camp and make dinner.

Funny story, we went to the KOA that Libby had recommended for us to stay at but when we arrived the KOA was full. We couldn't back up so we had to drive around the whole lot just to leave. Cash wasn't paying attention on how fast we were going so as we were leaving the owner started running towards us motioning for Cash to slow down with the dirtiest look I have ever seen on anyone's face. Thank goodness they were full because I'm sure they didn't want us there anyways. But the next KOA we found was smaller and very clean, it was really nice and I'm pretty sure we'll go back again sometime soon.

Cash just waiting for me to set up the camera.

Day Two: We woke up early and made our way to Capitol Reef National Park and hiked to the Hickman's Bridge. After we drove to Hanksville and stopped by the gas station in the rock. Then we drove up to I-70 stopped by Green River and almost got lost because the map says that our next exit was 173 but we passed an exit saying 175 and we thought we both missed it. But luckily we decided to get off the next exit and turn around and by the time that was decided the next exit was the one we wanted originally which was changed to 182. But I guess they still haven't contacted to map company to change it all. After we got on the right road we drove down to Arches National Park right before Moab. Sadly, we didn't have enough time to do the hikes we wanted to do, but that's what the future is for right?

Cash and I at Delicate Arch Upper Look

Day Three: After staying in Moab we drove south heading towards Monument Valley. We passed by Monticello, Blanding, and Mexican Hat. We finally reached Monument Valley I wanted to get a picture running on the road just like Forest Gump did. But sadly we didn't know which road we needed to be on and didn't realize until after that we left Monument. Next time in like a couple of years I'll do it again. After Monument we left and ended up at Page, AZ. and stayed on the Utah side of Lake Powell by Lone Rock.

Cash at Monument Valley

Day Four: We woke up and drove on to Kanarraville to sit and relax after long hours of driving. Overall, the trip was really awesome and so much fun! If you want to see more pictures go check out my Facebook, they'll be plenty on there.