Thursday, October 14, 2010

St. George Marathon

So this is a bit overdue but I just wanted to share with you guys the adventure of watching my Grandpa Erickson run the St. George Marathon. Yes that's right, my GRANDPA ran the marathon, plus this year was his 18th year running. He has actually inspired me to start training so that I could run with him next year before he retires. Guess that means I'll have to start running and training. Oh and the joy of dieting too. Goodbye tasty sugar and sweets that I love. Anyways here are a couple of pictures of the marathon.

There he is at the very end of his run. He did it in a really good time too 4 hours and 33 minutes WITH a hurt knee and not the proper training he needed because of his knee. I'm really proud to say he's my grandfather. I love you grandpa. (Even though you probably wont read this)

There he is after we found him in the HUGE crowd of people. It smelled like sweat and BO it was gross, obviously. After we found him we all went back to the house to relax, play a couple games of SCUM and watched a movie too. Overall, it was really fun and awesome to have family down to spend time with that I haven't seen in almost a year. Maybe I'll try to convince them to move down here so we all can be together.

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