Thursday, February 2, 2012

Procrastinators UNITE!! . . . tomorrow

Today in one of my classes we talked about procrastination. We listed reasons to procrastinate, what some of the signs/characteristics of procrastination, and how to stop yourself from procrastinating.

And wierdly enough a lot of what my class was coming up. . I do/have. It's sad. I know. This applies with my previous post of me being addicted to Netflix. 

Netflix is just better than doing homework. 

I know it's not legit, but I enjoy taking quizzes I find on the interweb. So after my class I went online, found a procrastinator quiz and took it. My results? 

According to your results, you are somewhat of a procrastinator. Your score indicates that you either procrastinate significantly in a specific area (or areas) of your life, or are a moderate procrastinator overall. Whatever the case may be, this can become a serious problem.

Somewhat? How is that a viable answer? Then again, I guess that's what I get for taking a test off of Google. So, why am I talking about procrastination other than it was the subject of a class today. 

Welp, here's why. I have a paper due tomorrow morning by 10 a.m. I need to pack or start to pack for my trip to Vegas. (YEAH!!) AND I just remembered that I have pictures I need to pick up for my photography class tomorrow. Now why aren't I doing any of these things? Because I'm creating this blog post, waiting for Jessie to come home to see if she wants to go with me, watching Enchanted, and eating applesauce. I love applesauce. 

- Love, Peace, Chicken Grease

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