Monday, August 29, 2011

Can I survive? Or should I say WILL I survive?


So, most of you already know that it's the second week of school, I've lived in my new apartment for three weeks and yes, I survived those weeks. But this past week in the apartment has been. . . . what's the word? Insane, crazy, stupid, ridiculous, dumb, exhausting? Alright, let's just say all of them combined.

I live with three other girls, which is nice since it's not 5 other girls that I thought it would be. Then again, maybe that would be a better idea. I share a room with Jessie, Cash's sister, which is awesome because SHE is awesome. Another girl is Candyse, she's nice and will have a conversation with me. Even though, I'm still a bit nervous/scared to start making new friends. And then there is Molly.


Ok, so she's really not that bad. Maybe. For starters, she is not "messy" but she doesn't clean up after herself either. She doesn't try any kind of conversation with jessie or I, maybe she talks to jessie, but the only conversation I've had with her was when I first moved in, we introduced ourselves to each other and then she asked me where I work. That was about it.

Which is fine, because I don't really talkthat much to any stranger. I'd like to keep to myself most of the time. (If you're totally disagreeing with that last sentence, it's because I feel comfortable enough to be myself around you. So feel lucky.)

I also have a saying I sometimes live by. "If you don't have anything to say, then don't talk." It works great for me. Then again, that's probably why in some classes last year I got in trouble for not talking enough. But it's the fact that I didn't have anything to say. So I didn't talk.

Alright, back to the roomies.

Quite a few days ago (long story short) there was a big pile of sugar left on the ground in our pantry as if someone swept it underneath and left it there. Also, there was another pile of sugar on the counter wrapped up in one of the cloths. Not even in the sink, just sitting there on the counter. I cleaned up the counter part just because it was gross to just leave it there. I wanted to see how long the sugar would sit on the ground in our pantry, but after day 4I was ready to kick some butt.

Instead I left a not saying "Whoever spilled the sugar, PLEASE CLEAN IT, we are your roommates, not your maids." I left for the weekend to help Libby move, but I had to stop by the apartment to switch out my tv since they don't lock the door either. (That just might be another post by itself.) I came back to read a note saying "We cleaned up the sugar but you could have been an adult and talked to us about instead of being RUDE and SNOTTY and ignore us all the time. So just chill and everything will be ok. P.S. Sorry we're never around when you are."

Ok, first of all, am I ever rude or snotty?? Second, if we're all going to be "adults" there then clean up your crap. It's called common courtesy for living with other people. And third, That's why I wrote a note, because I never see you and I'm not going to wait up late at night for you to get home so I could "talk" to you. I've got my own stuff I have to do and trying to be your friend is not on the top of my list.

Now, here comes to confusing part. Most of you have already given me advice to either just let it go and forget about it or have a "roommate powwow" and talk it out. But which one should I do? If my personality colors would let me let it go and forget, I would. But I just hold on to it. I know, bad idea.

But then again, thinking about having a conversation creates a mini daydream about how it's going to go down and then I become all fired up for no reason.

UGH I hate being a red/blue color personality.

They clash like it's nobody's business and makes my life that more stressful at times.

Welp, that's my life so far. This is supposed to be a fun unforgettable experience, but I can tell you right now. This experience SUCKS! (Minus the living with Jessie part)


Miss Jessie said...

Having roommates can be fun, but Molly doesn't really make it easy to like her, and I'm flattered that you think that I'm awesome to live with. I've enjoyed living with you these first few weeks as well. I think that we maybe should do the roommate powwow but I'm not sure how that will work out. I'm sure what I imagine happening is far from what would really happen. I guess the only thing we can do is try.

Logan and Sydney said...

All I can tell you is that years from now you will look back at it and it won't seem so bad. Promise. Everyone wants to kill a roommate sometime, but almost nobody does;)

Georgadele said...

I'm assuming you live off campus, but it might be worth stopping by the housing office an asking for a "roommate agreement". The document goes through how each of you plan to do things and how you would like to respond to others when things are amiss. If you don't want to stop by Housing I can email you my copy that I use with my residents.

Let me know sis!

Liana Dawn Gardella said...

that is why you were supposed to wait for me and Kear! haha i love you and seriously dude just remember that people aren't as smart as they seem ie. the note they left you bitching about you leaving a note kinda funny. But you are not a brat or rude so don't listen to that. I need to come up there and invade your space for a while maybe next weekend? well ill text you.

Anisa said...

I had a crazy roommate my first year... and there were only 3 of us. If we confronted her, she would just lie. So, we just dealt with it and tried not to let things bother us.

And to tell you the truth, it's just easier to clean up the sugar yourself. I'm speaking from experience as a mom. You have to decide which battles to pick. I wouldn't make a big deal about little things. It only takes a few seconds to clean up something like that... even if you didn't make the mess. If you are going to be a wife and mom someday, you'll just get used to cleaning up after people all the time.

I'm sure I could go on and on... sorry I didn't get the chance to put my two sense worth in at Peyton's b-day.

Shellie said...

Fun to see your blog maybe will know the happenings of cash through you. All I have to say is I am a bit jealous I so would have loved to go and live on my own before I got married. I think this is awesome you will look back one day and will be super happy you lived on your own...

Kali Vuki said...

Thanks for all the comments guys!

Jessie: One of these days when we get brave enough we'll have to have our powwow. I'll do it. I'm just too chicken to start it. HAHA

Logan&Sydney: You're right. I'm pretty sure later in life I'll reread this post and ask myself why this was such a big deal.

G: Thanks for the advice about the agreement! I just might have you send me an email of it and I'll present it in the future powwow that might or might not happen.

Liana: if you and Kear were brave enough to come with me then I wouldn't have this problem in the first place!! Haha I love you and maybe during the summer we should all get a house to live in.

Anisa: I'm glad I saw you at Lin's Saturday night. Your story helped me and even though I'm ready to fight every battle I just might start picking which ones I want.

Shellie: It's nice that you found my blog. And to tell you the truth, I'm glad I'm on my own too. It wont last long, but hey, it's an experience I will never forget.