Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Angels Landing: Check

So it's about time I posted a new blog, right!? I have to publicly apologize to Ellen (Cash's mom) for not consistently keeping up with my blogging that I promised. Plus, I also need to finish my 30 day challenge that I haven't finished yet. But anyways, This morning a couple of friends and I went on a wonderful hike out at Zion National Park. I figured that we would do a couple of the dinky little easy hikes, BUT everyone else had a better idea. They decided they wanted to hike Angels Landing.

I don't know who's bright idea it was to hike up all the way to the very edge of a straight edged cliff, but they were CRAZY!!! Then again I'm crazy for doing the same hike. I do have to be proud to cross Angels Landing off my bucket list and not worry about it ever again. But I can write a new thing on my list which is: Dominate any hike that Cash throws at me. Because in my book if I can dominate Angels Landing and actually NOT fall off the cliff and/or survive I can do anything hike that Cash throws at me. So BRING IT ON CASH!!!!

But in the meantime, here are some fun pictures I took.

Josh, Me, Liana

Our Group at the top, minus Liana

Me, Austin, Josh, Ben

Me hanging over the edge

The chain leading to the top.

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Miss Jessie said...

I still need to do Angel's landing. Actually I need to do pretty much every big hike in Zions. Looks like fun, that last picture makes me nervous. I don't know how I feel about holding a chain while I hike. ;)