Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No More Brigham Beard

So most of you probably have already seen Cash or probably haven't. But he had to work at Lin's on Saturday and Sunday this last week and that meant that he had to shave off his beard. Here's the before and after pictures of him.



Everyone says he looks really good without the beard. And I can't complain, I like seeing his full face now. But, Cash wants to grow his beard back. . . He misses his Birgham Beard. So, I guess whatever he wants to do is fine with me.


Miss Jessie said...

I think he looks better with facial hair, but the Brigham Beard needed to go, he looks better when it is short.

Kali Vuki said...

I agree with you. It's better when it's short and not so mountain manish.

Berty Bell said...

Keep it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or at least make him keep it trimmed. Tried watching the video but my internet wouldn't let me. :(