Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30DC- Day 6, 7, 8

Day 6

A Hobby You Have

I had to think about this one for a little while. Then I had to find the definition for a hobby. A hobby is an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, typically during one's leisure time.

So what is my hobby? I'd have to say. . . reading. I LOVE to read. I'm actually reading a book right now for my Family Relationships class for a book report. It's called The 5 Languages of Love. And I LOVE this book. I'm not even half-way through and I've decided I'm not going to sell it. This book is going on my bookshelf with every other book I own. Hope Cash wont mind about all the books he's going to gain if he keeps me Haha

Day 7

A Picture of Something/Someone that has the Biggest Impact on You.

My mom has the biggest impact on me. She is the one that has helped me make the biggest decisions in my life and will continue to forever and ever.

Day 8

Short Term Goals for This Month and Why

Well since this month is pretty much gone. I'll tell you my short term goals for April.

1. As part of my weight loss challenge I have joined Weight Watchers with my Grandma Dove. And I LOVE it. We keep track of what we are eating and how much we eat. But my problem is I don't really keep track all that much and it has effected me to a point. So my goal for this month is reach my 10% weight loss and keep track of anything and everything that I eat.

2. Another short term goal is to practice for an upcoming 5K that is coming up in May. I should have posted about the Biggest Loser 5K that I ran with my mom and Kurt but I wont. It was a lot of fun. I want to start doing them more often. We finished in 45 minutes which isn't that bad for a first timer. (I think)

3. The last goal I have is to finish school with pretty good grades. Geology wont be very impressive, but I'll still be able to pass. I just need to stop having late nights with friends and sleeping in past my alarm in the mornings. Family Relationships is a blast so it's an easy A. Math will be tough. It's hard when your teacher doesn't even know what she is doing up in front of the class let alone trying to teach others. So I'm pretty much teaching myself which will be nice because it will make sense to me. We'll see how well I taught myself when Finals come up. And last but not least, Interpersonal Communication. I love this class and I ACTUALLY study for it so I'm pretty sure my grade will be pretty good in this class also.


Miss Jessie said...

I have the 5 Love Languages on my computer, I've heard a lot of great things about it, but I haven't had time to listen to it because I'm trying to focus on school, but as soon as summer is here it'll be the first book I listen to.
I have a longish-term goal you can make. Libby and I are thinking about running this half-marathon in Cedar in September. It starts up Cedar Canyon and ends in Cedar, not sure exactly where, but it's pretty much all down hill. That would be fun if we all ran it together...So were you planning on running the midnight 5K with me in May?

Berty Bell said...

Yes - I agree with Jessie, you should totally run the cedar half with us!

As for the book The 5 Love Languages I have always wanted to read that book and have heard that it is FREAKING AMAZING!!!! I may have to borrow it when the semester is over.